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Toddler Safe Natural First Aid Kit: How To Pack

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We travel a lot and a few years back I realized that I needed a first aid kit in the car! My kids are wild and ALWAYS have bumps and bruises. Originally I bought a pre-made kit. Here’s the thing, it was missing all of my favorite essentials which meant it was actually kind of pointless. So, I decided to make my own kit that worked for us! Our kit is full of natural first aid supplies that are safe for all ages. Here’s how to pack a toddler-safe natural first aid kit for your family! 

How to pack a toddler safe first aid kit

What kind of bag to pack your first aid kit in:

I like things to be organized! And especially in an emergency situation, I don’t have time to search through an unorganized mess. I want to know where my supplies are. 

The first thing to do is have 2 bags. The first one is larger and has everything you need and this one stays in the car. The second one holds a few small items to throw in a backpack for little cuts and bruises on the go. I LOVE super cute little bags but I feel that with a first aid kit it needs to be clearly marked. That way, if there is an emergency and you need to send anyone else but yourself, all they have to do is see that there is a cross on the bag and grab it.

Car bag: 

On-the-go bag:

Packing list for your mini bag:

(for details on these items keep scrolling)
  • A few bandaids
  • Arnica
  • A small which hazel
  • Apis

Natural first aid items: 

Next, you’re going to fill your bags with your first aid items. All families need different things. My family is pretty heavy on getting car sick so we ALWAYS have car sick supplies. In fact, we have a whole different bag for that that is stored in the driver’s seat of our car because of how frequently we use them. You can see what we use here: Natural Carsick Kit For Kids: How To Be Prepared. If you’re a family that doesn’t deal with that, you probably don’t have to have a whole separate bag. 

Here’s a list of natural first aid items I keep in my toddler safe natural first aid kit:

Which hazel

(Also use in your mini first aid kit)

Which hazel decreases reddening, irritation, and inflammation of the skin, as well as wards of infections and helps wounds heal. (For more Which hazel info visit WebMD: Which hazel) We use Which hazel on EVERYTHING! Even for everyday needs. It helps with acne, scalp problems, etc. It’s our favorite go-to for almost any situation. When shopping for Which hazel, I prefer to find products that have no alcohol (check the ingredients. It doesn’t state that on the front), is not colored, and only contains Which hazel. 

Hydrogen peroxide

I use hydrogen peroxide to sanitize other instruments and my hands. Research currently shows that hydrogen peroxide and rubbing alcohol can actually harm the tissue and prevent healing. The best way to clean wounds is cool water and depending on the scrape, I use Which hazel! Keep peroxide around the sanitize the things around you like your hands or tweezers if you are removing a splinter. 


Charcoal is a lifesaver and is great for absorbing poison orally and makes a highly effective poultice for poisonous bites as well. I am particularly allergic to bee stings and I immediately apply charcoal to the affected area to draw out as much poison as possible. We also ingest charcoal when we are having stomach problems.  I store them by throwing a few in a plastic bag or keeping them in a small container like a to-go sauce container.

Apis Mellifica 

(Also use in your mini first aid kit)

(Disclaimer: Homeopathic remedies are not FDA approvedI have done much research on them and choose to use them for my family. If you want resources to make sure this is the correct fit for your family you can check out Facebook groups like Mary’s Homeopathy Study Group and check out resources like The Complete Homeopathy Handbook by Miranda Castro.)

This homeopathic remedy is well known for its healing properties when it comes to stings. Taking Apis can greatly reduce the consequences of being stung. 

Calendula Cream 

This cream can be used on everything! Calendula cream is anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and it promotes healing! You can use calendula on scrapes, burns, bug bites, diaper rash, and even sunburns! It can pretty much be used on anything! 

How to pack a toddler safe first aid kit


(Also use in your mini first aid kit)

Arnica is another homeopathic remedy that is great for all kinds of bruising and swelling. My little boys have had horrible bruises that have healed in 2 days from taking arnica as opposed to the 2 weeks it takes when I’m out and haven’t given any to them. I have seen this work over and over again and we use it everywhere. My kids have gone through broken bones using Arnica to help with the pain. It really is a “must-have” in any first aid kit that I have. 

Arnica Gel 

This is for if there is no open skin. This gel is pure gold when it comes to bumps and bruises. Big old eggs on a little one’s head will reduce quicker using this gel. Paired with the oral form they really are effective. 


We use oils a lot and Onguard is one that we use all of the time. Any time we’re on a road trip or camping and my kids feel like they’re getting a sore throat or getting sick, I start rubbing Onguard on everyone. Onguard supports healthy immune systems, can be taken orally, can be diffused, and can be used to sanitize surfaces, and your hands! 

Motion sickness

My poor sister had the worst car sickness growing up and this remedy greatly relieved a lot of it during road trips. We have a whole car sickness kit that you can read about here that we keep on hand, but this little remedy is great to keep in your first aid kit if your family struggles with this. 


(Also use in your mini first aid kit)

Honestly, we don’t really use bands for little scraps and stuff. Several kids are allergic to latex and I always tell my kids that their scrapes “need to breathe to heal”. But, when we have an injury that we can’t stop the bleeding on, we like to use super fun ones to help relieve the tears!

Sewing needle

I know most people keep safety pins around, but I keep sewing needles. I find that if I have a super stubborn and deep splinter, my sewing needles are thinner and a little bit gentler. 


A GOOD pair of tweezers is SO important. We live in Oklahoma on 13 acres and my kids are always barefoot and ALWAYS have splinters or ticks. I have used cheap tweezers (that are literally pointless) and I’ve used good quality ones that minimize my kid’s pain and get it out quickly. It’s worth it! 


Having a good pair of little scissors around is always a good thing! Caution- these are sharp!  


Cotton buds are great for cleaning up small surfaces and kids happen to have small surfaces! These are great to carry along because they are also good to have on hand when camping or on trips for daily use.

first aid

General Necessities:

These are general items to keep in any first aid kit that will benefit you on road trips or just trips around town. It’s great to have them in a pinch because I don’t know how many times we’ve left the house and I’ve looked at my 6-year-olds daughter’s long curly hair and realized it’s a wreck and I didn’t bring a brush and hair band!


I can’t tell you how many times I’ve jumped in the car and taken off only to realize my hair is everywhere and I forgot a hairband. Luckily I keep extras in the car! 

Lip balm

Most people tend to become more dehydrated on camping trips and trips that you spend out in the elements. Be sure to stay hydrated and to pack lip balm for those moments! 

Nail clippers

These are always good to have on hand. There have been numerous times that we have been out on a trip and I have realized that one of my babies desperately needs their little nails trimmed as I nursed them. Having these on hand enables me to easily handle it no matter where we are.


My husband is fair-skinned and really needs to utilize sunscreen when we are outside in the sun. We try to keep it on hand in case we have a day that he is going to be significantly out there. Sunscreen can be a hot topic, when we use sunscreen we tend to use a sunscreen salve made at our local apothecary shop. It has all-natural ingredients and is packed with amazing herbs! If you don’t have an apothecary shop nearby, be sure to find a sunscreen that is healthy and safe for little ones of all ages to pack in your first aid kit. 

Sanitary products 

It’s great to keep a few emergency pads in your first aid kit just in case!

First aid and CPR directions

I have had first aid and CPR training multiple times throughout my life and because I don’t use it, I often feel like I will forget it. It’s always a good idea to keep a little instruction booklet to remind you of how to respond during emergencies to store in your kit. 

Prepackaged first aid kits 

If you don’t have the time to make up a specific kit, this kit by Helios is an AMAZING homeopathic kit that is very reputable. This kit has tons of natural remedies to respond to almost every situation. Keep in mind, this is straight homeopathic remedies, so it will not have other things such as bandaids or sunscreen.

Extra Tips:

For more travel tips visit our blog at Grace This Place and check out how we handle entertainment in the car and car sickness!

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