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Themed Gift Baskets That Are Affordable

Themed Christmas Gift Baskets That Are Affordable
Themed Christmas Gift Baskets That Are Affordable

What to use themed gift baskets for:

Christmas is around the corner so of course, I created a list of themed gift baskets to share as a family! This list of ideas for themed gift baskets is affordable and so fun and hopefully, it sparks some creativity, excitement, and helps to ease your bank account! Also, the other fun thing about these themed gift baskets is that they are versatile and can be used for many things. For example:

  • Christmas gifts
  • New Years gifts
  • Birthday gifts
  • Raffle items
  • Event prizes
  • Auction items

(This post may contain affiliate links and I may earn a small commission when you click on the links with no additional cost to you! So, as an Amazon affiliate, I earn from qualifying purchases and this income helps this stay-at-home mama provide for her family!)

Family Science Kit:

These books in particular are some of the most well-made books I’ve ever seen and I love the quality of paper, information, and graphics. Seriously. In short, these books are amazing! Last year for Christmas we gifted our nieces and nephews one of the books and they loved them! So, pair it with a science kit and you have the perfect little gift kit for families! For example, we have used terrariums, slime kits, sea monkeys, and crystal gardens!

Taco themed gift basket:

Homemade gifts are always fun and it just so happens that our family loves tacos a lot! Years ago, we were serving as missionaries in the Philippines and as a result, didn’t have access to Mexican food. So, finally, we got smart and brought refried beans, seasonings, and chipotle ranch from America with us in our suitcases. That was a game-changer for us! Because, on days that we were homesick or craving familiar food we would pull out a can of refried beans, make homemade tortillas and break into our seasoning stash. We certainly came to love this style of homemade tortilla/taco/burrito things that we would make. Also, in this particular basket, we have included a family game or included premade cake mixes too! Here’s are a few of our favorite taco night options!

Family movie night:

All of our siblings have little kids so this is an easy one. I’m sure it could translate to older kids as well though! My kids LOVE when my husband and I sit down and watch a movie with them. Recently our favorites have been the Torchlighter series on missionaries! In general, it’s super fun to see our kids playing missionaries and imagining being sent on daring missions all across our backyard. So, for this basket, a few years back we got some of our favorite Christmas movies and paired them with hot cocoa, apple cider, popcorn, and candy! What better gift than a family movie night!

Family game night:

For this gift basket, similarly, you apply the same concept from family movie night and just add your favorite games! Our family happens to love games so to check out more kid-approved games for all ages be sure to check out our blog post on the Greatest Family Games For All Ages

Cookie themed gift basket:

Everyone thinks cookies are delicious. And not only that, there’s a type of cookie for every person! I’m not a huge chocolate fan but I can get behind a snickerdoodle! So, grab some favorite cookie mixes or make up your own and If you want to up your cookie basket game, pour your cookie mixes into jars and tie a ribbon around with instructions. In addition, make sure to include a cute little whisk and a chef’s hat and you’ve got the perfect cookie-themed basket!

Waffle night:

Okay, these little waffle makers are ADORABLE. Not only that, but they are reusable! So, to make this theme pop make sure to add some syrup, jam, sprinkles, or whatever else your family loves to put on waffles. This gift is so versatile and you literally can put anything in these waffle-themed baskets!

Ice cream Sunday:

My kids love ice cream. Consequently, include some of your family’s favorite sundae toppings and some ice cream sundae bowls. You could even add a game and make it a family fun night! The great thing about ice cream sundaes is they make so many dairy-free options for our dairy-free friends now. My oldest daughter is dairy-free and she still loves sundaes!

Cupcake themed basket:

I think this is a fun gift for families that have kids of all ages. My little kids love decorating cupcakes and similarly, I remember as a teenager loving to do it as well. Of course, make sure to include your favorite cake mixes, or, for a personal touch, make up your own cake mixes!

Personal Care:

These Dr. Scholl’s socks contain lavender and vitamin E to moisturize while wearing, and, on top of that, cozy blankets are the best. For example, I have 3 super soft blankets that I keep on my bed and use on a daily basis. There’s nothing better than relaxing, moisturizing, and taking time to recharge and get ready to face the week.

How to wrap your themed gift basket:

I love the look of baskets that are bagged up with a gorgeous bow. So, one of my favorite tricks is to hit up a store like Dollar Tree, Target, or Walmart to pick up a bucket, and If I want an actual basket, I go to a thrift store near me. Also, when I accidentally get a bag that is too big I simply trim the top to the size I want and I add whatever color bow I’m feeling at the moment!

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