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How To Dress During Pregnancy Without Maternity Clothes


How To Dress During Pregnancy Without Maternity Clothes

Congrats mama! This is such an exciting season. With this significant life change comes a change to your body. These changes are amazing! They allow your body to house and grow a tiny sweet baby. Here’s what changes you need to expect and a handful of tips on how to dress during pregnancy without maternity clothes and how to handle it all on a low budget.

Maternity clothes tips

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Women’s body’s respond differently during pregnancy 

Every woman is different. Some women carry pregnancy right in the front whereas others carry their pregnancy all the way around their torso. Here are a few changes that are normal during pregnancy. 

Breast size

Your breasts will go through several significant changes to get ready to feed a baby. Sometimes this can include stretch marks from growth and an increase in nipple size.  A short time before labor your breast will begin producing a dark yellow substance called colostrum. This is a densely packed nutrient perfect for your baby. A day or so after your baby is born (this is normal) your milk supply will come in and your breast size will grow again. It is normal to experience tenderness and sensitivity in your breasts during these changes.

Foot size

It is super common for women to report that they have to change shoe sizes in the middle of pregnancy! 

Belly size

All baby bellies are unique and special. Each belly has a different shape and is carried differently. Some women carry their pregnancies high while others carry their pregnancies low. Some bellies look perfectly rounded and carried in front, whereas others are more sloped and can be carried to the side as well.

Weight gain

Women gain weight differently during pregnancy. Some women gain very little, others gain a lot. The average healthy weight gain is about 25-30 lbs. Some women only gain their belly weight and other women gain in other places as well. Your pregnancy journey will be unique to you. With weight gain can come stretch marks. To limit the scaring try to stay moisturized and invest in high-quality stretch mark cream like this!

Nails and hair

Because of the drastic change in hormones, some women report a significant amount of hair loss or shedding whereas other women report that their nails and hair grow quickly and are strong. Many experience breakage and more change once they have given birth and their hormones began to regulate themselves again. 

For a lot more details about these changes, you can visit Healthline.

maternity clothes

Tips on how to dress during pregnancy without maternity clothes:

Check your wardrobe for loose tops and t-shirts:

The first step is to check on what clothes you do have. If you have loose shorts and flowy clothes, set those aside to be worn consistently during pregnancy. 

Thrift store shopping: 

Chances are, after pregnancy you will not bounce back to your pre-pregnancy weight immediately. Try to find pants that allow you to grow in pregnancy and can be worn after. Pants such as leggings, sweats,  and loose maxi skirts are perfect for this!

Loose dresses:

Do you have some fun loose dresses laying around? It’s time to make them your best friend! Especially if you are having a summer baby, the airflow can be a game-changer when those hot flashes come on. If you are going to grab a few and plan on breastfeeding, make sure you buy nursing dresses so that they last. 

Your hubby: 

I don’t know how your family functions, but y’all, I am a clothes thief. I’ll admit it. I tease him and tell him he wears too many clothes because he’ll have 24 shirts in the folded laundry pile as opposed to my 2. Oops! I spend my days in his shirts, hoodies, and pants. Mostly because they’re huge on me and super comfortable. When you are heavily pregnant and uncomfortable, check out your hubby’s shirts and sweats. There may be a chance that you fit in them too!

The rubber band trick:

This was my go-to trick for my first pregnancy. We were overseas missionaries and didn’t have the budget to be buying new clothes every few weeks. Using a rubber band was the perfect trick to relieve some of the pressure on my belly. If you are wearing jeans, simply loop a rubber band through the buttonhole and hook it over the button. You can check out the video for an example!


BY FAR my favorite way to make my clothes last. With my last pregnancy, I didn’t use any maternity clothes the whole time! These belly bands are the perfect solution to keeping your pants up and extending your shirts. I have a white one and a black one and have used them through 2 pregnancies and postpartum so far. If you use a postpartum wrap after birth, these belly bands are also perfect for putting underneath to keep your skin from chaffing 

Bra extenders:

Once your breasts begin to change size your bras can be a problem. You can use bra extenders to extend the life of your bra throughout pregnancy. You can also wear comfy sports bras.


If your feet are growing or are swollen from pregnancy, sandals can be the perfect option. You can even buy a 95 cent pair at Walmart so that your feet can breathe and the sandal can adjust with your foot growth. 


I hope these tips help you get through pregnancy on a tight budget! If you are looking for ways to announce your pregnancy or tips on parenting be sure to visit Grace This Place!

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  1. These are great tips! I used the hairband trick until I was over 6 months along with my first pregnancy. It works so well!

  2. These are such great practical and helpful tips. I don’t think being pregnant needs the added pressure of not having anything to wear and also looking frumpy and messy coz pregnant mommas need all the emotional boost they can get through comfy and lovely clothing during that time.

  3. These are great pregnancy without maternity clothes tricks! I remember when I was pregnant I used the rubber band trick and it worked really well!

  4. Great tips! I remember when I was pregnant with my first child I was hoping to not need any maternity clothes but ended up needing to hit up the local maternity thrift store and found so many great things there! I wish that I would have known about the rubber band trick and the shirt extenders!!

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