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Organizing Baby Clothes – A Comprehensive List Of Tips

How to organize baby clothes

Here is a comprehensive list for organizing baby clothes. Below are my top tips for organizing baby clothes! For more details and resources make sure to scroll down!

Step 1: Organize clothes by size

Step 2: Organize baby clothes by
clothes to wear now
future clothes

Step 3: Decide what you are keeping by
-seasonal clothing
-if you like it

Step 4: How to organize clothes you are keeping
-closet dividers
-drawer dividers

Step 5: Where to store future clothes

Step 6: How to label bins

Step 7: Determine where to donate clothes

Organization mindset: 

Less is more. This is something I usually repeat to myself throughout the day. When it comes to “stuff”, including organizing baby clothes, I often find myself overwhelmed by the sheer task of simply keeping it all in order. So, my solution has been to part with it so that my time isn’t invested in keeping it in order. If you have multiple little ones be sure to check out my Organization For Kids Creative Hack.

Here’s the thing, if you have very little in your possession, you have very little to tidy.  So I keep a reasonable amount of adorable outfits and I part with the rest. Which can be hard; I understand. Baby clothes are a weakness!

Once you have sorted all of your clothing by size, you need to decide what is worth keeping and what you can part with. I separate the clothing into 4 specific groups.

  • Wearable now
  • Put away for later 
  • Resell or consigned clothing 
  • Donation 
organized baby clothes

Organizing Baby Clothes 

Start this process by sorting all of your infant clothes by size:

Infant clothes come in several different sizes. I tend to sort by the earliest month unless it looks particularly large. For instance, I put 3-6 month outfits in the 3-month clothing pile so that I don’t miss an opportunity for them to wear the outfit. This is not a fast rule; use your discretion. If it seems exceptionally big just throw it in the 6-month pile.

Determine how many outfits to save

I tend to save about 10 outfits per child in my home plus a few nice outfits to wear out to places like church. This number differs from family to family. I intentionally wash laundry once a day. This should mean that there are always clean clothes in their closet. Having 10 outfits ensures that if I am only able to get to laundry only once that week they will still have an outfit per day plus a few extra for spills and accidents. 

Get rid of out of season clothes

If your little one was born in summer they will be about 4 months when December hits. Feel free to pass on the 3-6-month-old summer clothes. No need to have them taking up space!

Decide the amount of extras you need

I make a list of all the “extra” items we need. This would be all of your jackets, shoes, socks, hats, etc. In my home, I keep a sweatshirt to play in (y’all we live on a farm. Mud and animal poop is a real thing), a sweatshirt for going out, a snow jacket, and an extra one just in case. For things like shoes, I use the same concept. A pair of boots to wear daily, church shoes, sandals, and a pair of tennis shoes. For a 12-month-old, I keep a few extra pairs because mine were always kicking them off in stores when I didn’t see them. We’ve definitely lost a shoe or 2 in a parking lot! 

Folding organized clothes

Deciding what baby clothes to use now:

Start sorting through all of your piles and determine which 10 outfits you are going to keep. This could mean 10 pants, 10 onesies, and 10 complete outfits, or whatever number you determine. Decide this by choosing whether or not you will put the outfit on your child.

For example, I had camo outfits for my boys for years and the outfits would sit on the shelf and then pass down to the younger kids. I finally recognized that I don’t like camo and simply removed them from my closets and stored clothes. There was no point in keeping them on the shelf if I would never choose to put them on my kids. I also don’t like cartoon characters or little baby characters like ducks or frogs on outfits. So, when I went through my clothes I got rid of all of those. Decide what you like and sort out what you don’t want from there. 

Time to organize the baby clothes that will be worn! 

Everything needs a home:

I often tell my family that everything has a home in our house. I apply this to clothes as well. A pile of socks needs a home; whether it be a basket, a drawer, or a bucket. 

Once you have determined each item’s home, decide how it will fit best. 


I LOVE hangers. Hangers are perfect for hanging adorable little dresses and sweet jackets. I don’t like the indent on hangers though. I find that they often create little weird bumps in the shoulders. So here’s a couple of options to use instead. I happen to like the velvet ones!

Closet dividers:

If you are keeping all months of clothes in the closet these closet dividers are amazing! They’re especially helpful to direct your husband and family to the right size so that they don’t grab things that won’t fit. 

Shelves, drawers, and baskets:

Fold it neatly. I have about 3 different types of folds I will do depending on the space. The goal with this is to optimize your space. My favorite fold right now is the KonMari method. This specific method utilizes drawers super well but doesn’t utilize cube baskets as well. If you don’t have drawers and don’t know how to fold, hop on youtube to find a few videos! 

Folded baby clothes

Drawer dividers: 

If you are using baskets or drawers these drawer dividers are priceless! I find that baby socks, hats, and shoes don’t need much space. Using these drawer dividers is a great way to optimize space in a single drawer! 

How to decide what baby clothes to hold on to: 

Next, decide what clothes you are going to hold on to for the later months and years. Follow the same process above. Be sure to eliminate any clothes that have stains, rips, or won’t fit seasonally. 

Storing your baby clothes:

Where to store your baby clothes: 

Where you have storage is the absolute best place to store your baby clothes. Here are some of the ways we have stored our future baby clothes in the past:

  • Under the crib 
  • Under our bed
  • Upper shelves of closet
  • Attic 
  • Closet 

Look around your house and decide which place is optimal to store your clothes for the next season of your little one’s life. Once you have decided that jump into the next section to see how we have stored our clothes!

How to label your buckets: 

First, let me preface this with the fact that I know labels are super adorable. Seriously, they are. But for my home, they’re not practical for a few reasons.

  1. I know that my baby is going to grow out of that section and that bucket will probably need to be used for something else.
  2. They’re probably going to be stored somewhere that I can’t see so it doesn’t have to be as pretty as the flour tin on my counter.

So, what do I do instead? Dry erase markers and miracle erasers! (miracle erasers are literal miracles.) I keep a couple of colors of large dry erase markers around and label my clear buckets with them. If I pull it out quickly it wipes right off, but, sometimes it’s a year or so later that I pull them out and the ink is a little bit more stubborn. That’s when I pull out a magic eraser and it comes right off and looks brand new! I simply label it again once it has its new assignment! 

Option 1- Individual bins: 

Grab some individual buckets. Label your buckets and go ahead and place your clothes inside depending on the size and label. I have used the gray buckets from Walmart, the black ones from Costco, and these adorable clear ones. Remember, this step is purely dependent on how many clothes you have. 

Option 2 – Large bin 

This is currently how I store ours! I have 1 super large bin. I fold each size of clothing, place them in a bag, label the bag, and place it in the bucket. When I need the next size up I go in and grab it and replace it with what is currently being worn. For example, grab the 6-9 month bag and replace it with the (currently being worn) 3-6 months. In this season of life, I keep clothes we can use again for any future kids or friends in need. Once I’ve grabbed what I need we pop it back up into the attic until we need it again in a few months. 

What to do with the clothes you don’t want:

Recap: You should now have your current clothes folded and put away and your future clothes folded and stored. Clothes that have stains, rips, you don’t want, or are out of season should now be leftover.

The first step for sorting this pile is to decide what you want to do with the clothes. Do you have a friend needing clothes? Do you want to consign them to earn some money? Here is a list of things to consider: 

  • A friend in need 
  • A ministry in need (A church, a pregnancy center, etc.) 
  • Consignment 
  • Goodwill 

Once you have decided, separate them into piles (we like piles apparently!) 

Clothes that have stains and are ripped need to be trashed or sent to a donation center that can pass them out to families in lots of need. These are not clothes you should try to sell or consign. These are also not clothes I would suggest dropping off to ministries like pregnancy centers of churches. 

For clothes that are like new, you can try to sell, consign, or donate to ministries in need of infant clothes. Honestly, there are many days I just want clothes out of my house and drop them all off at Goodwill! 

Organized baby clothes

Extra Tip:

This is a GREAT way to get your older kids involved and excited for their new little sibling. Check out this article on getting kids involved in participating with the family!

For more grace-filled tips and tricks make sure to check out our website at Grace This Place!

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  1. My kids are the youngest in my family, so we had a ridiculous number of hand me downs. These tips are definitely spot on for controlling the baby clothes chaos.

  2. Closet dividers are a must for the first year, as they go through so many sizes. I stored all of our daughter’s clothes in bins and sell them online. I’ve limited myself to one bin to keep with my favorite/special outfits.

  3. This remains an endless job as children grow. My greatest challenge is letting go of the small clothes that bring back so many memories. I have a large Tupperware container with outfits from my children but may need to also go through that as well.

  4. Thanks for a consolidated list with tips.I always have tough time in organizing my kids clothes.This will definitely help me.

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