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Organization For Kids Creative Hack

Kids organization: A few years back I had a newborn, a 1-year-old, a 2-year-old, and a 3-year-old. My most candid memory? I only had ONE potty trained. Oh my Lanta, it was the worst! But we survived, praise the Lord! Diapers are not my thing, y’all. Okay, so, lots of little ones running everywhere, 3 meals, 2 snacks, and a lot of clean up meant I needed to get organized. A pretty common phrase back then was, “this is not mine!” I would hand a child a previously used cup (that I thought was their’s) or a brand new plate- just not the one they wanted. It can be especially difficult to reason with a 2-year old that doesn’t want the particular plate that you handed them. So, here are the grace-filled solutions to make things run smoother!

The first step to color coding for kids organization:

Firstly, I assigned colors. My oldest daughter got purple, my second oldest was assigned pink. They divvied up and discussed it amongst themselves. The boys were newborn and 1-years-old, so I just assigned the colors. My oldest son got green and my younger son blue. Once colors were established we started color-coding everything with this kids organization hack.

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Kids Organization- Dinnerware:

Originally I bought the dinnerware sets from Walmart. That worked fine but wasn’t microwave or dishwasher safe and I didn’t like the quality. After about 6 months I switched over to Target’s brand. This was practical for us because it was microwave safe, dishwasher safe, BPA free, carried multiple colors, and was only $0.50 a bowl or plate! Target carries plates with or without dividers, bowls, cups, and silverware. Having the freedom to purchase the amount I wanted was important to me too. I keep about 7 of each thing in a drawer for my kids. BUT my toddlers have been known to throw specifically silverware away. If that’s the case, I simply go and purchase a replacement. Super easy! Here are the links to what I bought at Target. Note: I don’t make anything off of these particular links- I just really think they’re great!

Organization For Kids Plates
Organization For Kids Bowls
Organization For Kids Silverware

Kids Organization- Drinks:

Home Water bottles:

Okay, this one is one of my favorites because it has eliminated a lot of extra dishes. My kids have a couple of different drink options. First, they have their “home water bottles’. The water bottles are metal and ONLY contain water in them. These water bottles are in their colors (of course) and can be refilled as many times a day as they want! Also, I did try several different kinds of cheaper or plastic water bottles. These water bottles were broken within weeks because of the amount of use. I use Thermos because they come in all kinds of colors, they are the only ones that have lasted 3+ years, and they have replacement packages!

Side note: Also, they have matching snack jars, what?!

Car Water Bottles:

Next, they have their car water bottles. These water bottles are also metal and ONLY contain water. They keep them in the cup holder next to their seat. For my son that sits in the middle seat, his sister keeps his next to hers. Any time he is thirsty he can ask for it. Also, these are the fun ones. I don’t know why, but I prefer solid colors in the house. Weird. (note: I try to keep a gallon jug of water in the trunk for refills or just regular water bottles.)


Each of my kids has a single cup for things like juice, smoothies, or chocolate milk; anything that is not water. When we have friends over they share these cups with them or we use disposable cups for friends!

Traveling water bottles:

We’re often at the park or on a trip staying at a friend’s house. However, I don’t prefer that my kids take their metal bottles out of the car or we lose them. So, I have 2 options. First, remember the water bottles I bought and they didn’t last? Luckily they are all color-coded so I use those because I don’t mind losing or breaking them. Secondly, after visiting grandmas house my kids usually come home with the little good 2 grow juices with character heads on them. They are cheap and fun. I keep 4 around our house to bring on trips because they are easily replaceable.

Kids Organization- Bedrooms:

Our kids share bedrooms, 1) because I think it’s healthy, and 2) because those are the rooms we have! Each of my kid’s bedding sets is color-coded with their color, this gives them each a special space that is only for them. (if they choose- most of the time they all group in a bed and play together.) Note: I did not purchase the ones below but I wanted to include links similar to what I do. Each of my kids has a super soft blanket that they use all year round and then their Nana knitted them twin blankets that stay on their bed that they use in warmer weather. Also, none of my kids have twin-sized blankets except their knitted ones. They’re still short so it doesn’t matter. We make their beds by folding their blankets up and placing them at the end of their beds.

Kids Organization- Bathroom:


To make life easy, each of my kid’s toothbrushes is color-coded. This just does simplify life because nobody forgets and there’s no question as to who’s toothbrush is who. Also, I included the toothpaste that we use because one of my boys is prone to cavities and this toothpaste has been a game-changer!

Bath towels:

This one hasn’t been fully implemented because I still bathe everyone in my bathroom in conveyer belt fashion. In, wash up, out, pass to husband, next. But, everyone does have a bath towel in their color and as they get older and bathe themselves we will hang hooks for them to keep their towel on and know who’s is who’s. We have 2 sets similar to these colors.

More color coding and tricks

The fun thing about this technique is it extends to all of life! When we go camping they have camping chairs in their color, camping plates in their colors, etc. It cuts down on a lot of arguing because everybody already knows who’s is what.

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