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Natural Carsick Kit For Kids: How To Be Prepared

Natural Carsick Kit For Kids

Motion sickness is no fun. Not only is it awful for the kids, but the clean-up is awful as well! I have 4 amazing children and every single one of them gets carsick. Now that my girls are 6 they are getting better at aiming, but man! We’ve had our fair share of cleaning out car seats and vehicles and it is NOT fun. Here are a few of our favorite tips to prevent carsickness and what we put in our natural carsick kit for kids. 

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How to prevent motion sickness for kids:

Drive during sleepy times

This is one of the best tips. If you can drive through the night or during nap time, do it! Allowing your kids to sleep during the drive time can prevent them from having to experience being carsick. 

If you are not driving during a sleepy time, be sure to check out our top 10 Greatest Ways To Entertain Kids On Road Trips!


We live 26 hours from our home state and there are times that we decide to make that trip in one fell swoop. I will do pretty much anything to prevent motion sickness so that my kids aren’t miserable for 26 hours. So, when I am going on such a long trip I resort to Dramamine. This stuff has done wonders for us on such long trips. I know it doesn’t qualify for my “natural” kit so I figured I would throw it out there first. I only use this when extreme measures need to be taken.

Hylands Motion Sickness: 

When I was growing up my poor sister had the worst motion sickness. We could be in the car for only 5 minutes and she would already be puking. She started taking this motion sickness remedy and it did wonders for her! 

Disclaimer: Homeopathic remedies are not FDA approved. I have done much research on them and choose to use them for my family. If you want resources to make sure this is the correct fit for your family you can check out Facebook groups like Mary’s Homeopathy Study Group and check out resources like The Complete Homeopathy Handbook by Miranda Castro.

Pressure bands 

Pressure bands can be a great distraction for kids. These bands apply pressure on your wrists to relieve nausea and are successful for many families! 


I *always* keep a box of peppermint tic-tacs or Altoids in my carsick kit. When one of my kids starts struggling I pass out mints. Peppermint is known to relieve the nausea and headaches that come with car sickness.

Peppermint oil 

We use peppermint oil for everything! When my kids get carsick I will rub a little on the wrist to smell or on their temples to help relieve the pain. You can also buy these awesome car oil diffusers to diffuse when you turn on the AC!

Turn on the air 

Fresh air can be a huge tool for relieving motion sickness! We always roll down the window or crank the air up if one of our kids is struggling.

Look out the window 

Remind your kids to stop looking at screens or books if they are starting to get carsick. It’s best to look out the front window towards the horizon to give your body a point of reference to stabilize itself. You can read more about that from

Pack salty snacks 

Packing bland and lightly salty snacks can really help with being carsick. You can pack things like saltiness, peanuts, or even sunflower seeds for older kids. Sunflower seeds are a favorite road trip snack in our family. 

Natural Carsick Kit For Kids

What to pack in your natural carsick kit for kids 

So far you should have Dramamine for emergencies, Hyland’s motion sickness remedy, pressure bands, mints, and peppermint oil packed in your car kit. Next, you need to add all the cleanup stuff if your preventative measures don’t work. 

Puke bags 

I snagged a few of these at a hospital once and I keep them in my carsick kit now. Amazon has great options to add to your kit. 


Puke is gross. Seriously, I don’t handle it well. My hubby has to bail me out when it comes to puke ALL. THE. TIME. I just can’t handle the sounds or the smell or I add to the problem. Sanitizer is a MUST. Anything to get the smell out so that we don’t have more to deal with! 

Baby wipes 

It doesn’t matter If you don’t have babies anymore! I keep baby wipes in my car at all times. They’re great for cleaning up, wiping down faces, hands, and anything else! 

Ziploc bags

Bags are a lifesaver when it comes to clean-up time. Throw their yucky clothes in one to be washed later and if you’re not near a trash can, store all the other stuff and zip it up until you find a trash can to get rid of it. You DEFINITELY want to keep these in your kit. 

Extra clothes 

I don’t keep extra clothes in my kit but I do bring a bag of extra clothes when we go on a trip that could lead to a mess. I don’t keep a lot of clothes around so I can’t spare a whole outfit per kid to just sit in the car. But if you have enough, definitely do it! And if you’re like me, just toss a few clothes in a bag on your way out. Either way, make sure to remember extra clothes. 

More travel tips and resources:

We have done our fair share of traveling. We have traveled all over the country by car and all over the world by plane. Our sweet babies are being raised with adventure in their blood. We have mishaps like carsickness and learning to adventure through adoption trauma all the time. If you want more travel tips on how to navigate adventures with little ones, check out my blog posts on how I’ve done it before! You got this mama!

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  3. Haha! I’m actually grateful that my kids are grown! These particular episodes were never fun!! Thanks for the great kit suggestions!

  4. Love this! My oldest suffers from motion sickness, and it seems to worsen as she gets older. We just recently started keeping a motion sickness kit for her. I’ll have to check out the pressure bands, for sure. Thanks for sharing!

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