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How To Keep Kids Warm On Winter Nights 

How to keep kids warm on winter nights: 

This winter has been a whole new experience for us! In the past, we’ve always had a whole house furnace and easily stayed warm all winter. This year, our gas company needed to shut down the line towards our house and we had to figure out how to adjust to a super cold house. We were totally unprepared and hopefully, my experience saves you the time of figuring out what works and what doesn’t! Here’s a list of our favorite tips and what made the biggest difference in keeping our kids warm on winter nights. 

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Winterize the inside of your home:

Unfortunately, we didn’t have much notice of what our winter was actually going to look like this year. If you know that you won’t have a main source of heat, start winterizing your house as soon as possible. Here are a few ways you can winterize your house:

  • Check for any cracks or leaks around your window. If you find some, fill it in with caulk. 
  • Check your doors for a tight seal. If they don’t have one you can order foam inuslation tape from amazon so that it is a snug fit 
  • Add rugs to your home. This will add more installation to your floors (especially if you don’t have any like me!) 
  • If you need a fan running, make sure your fans are moving clockwise so that it pushes heat towards the floor. 
  • Window insulation film. You can get a kit here: Window Kit

There are a ton more ways to winterize your house. For more professional ideas check out Grange Insurances’ top 10 tips

Dress your kids warmly: 

My kids LOVE to strip down and run around in t-shirts and shorts. Never mind the fact that it’s 50 degrees in the house! I make sure to check at night that all kids have footed PJ’s on or at the very least, long pajamas with a pair of socks. These PJs are some of our favorite and keep our kids perfectly warm! They’re also great because they don’t bother my kids when they are wearing their slippers. 


We had 3 game-changers for us when it came to keeping warm. Slippers were one of them. Christmas was rolling along and I was wracking my brain trying to figure out what would be fun for the kids but still useful. I finally decided on slippers! I got each of my kids a pair of fun slippers to wear around the house and they get used every single day. The instructions we gave our kids were to put them on in the morning and to take them off next to their bed at night. That’s pretty much what they do. Of course, when they go outside they change into boots. This has been a much-needed change for us because prior to slippers there was lots of whininess and tears from being cold.

When I looked for slippers I considered 3 factors:

  1. They needed to be booties. I didn’t want slippers that could easily fall off
  2. They needed to have decent soles. I wated their feet off of the ground and I wanted it to not be a problem if they stepped in water. Cause lets face it, there is always an ice cube melting on the floor next to the fridge. At least in my house!
  3. I wanted them to be fun enough that they looked forward to and *wanted* to put them on every day.

Flannel Sheets: 

This was our second game-changing event to put in place. We got flannel sheets for every bed and the heat difference was unbelievably noticeable. We have a few of these sheets off of amazon and they have been great. When my kids don’t have flannel sheets on a cold night they wake far more frequently. Flannel traps the body heat in between the covers and makes the whole bed that much warmer! For tips on how we organize our bedrooms check out Organization For Kids Creative Hack.

Have children share a bed: 

Body heat is a great source of heat! My kids naturally gravitate towards each other’s beds in the middle of the night. We typically wake up to our 3-year-old in our bed and our 4-year-old in his sister’s bed. Although, this has made for some 3 am playdates that we’ve had to break up! 

how to keep kids warm on winter nights

Fleece blanket: 

Like flannel sheets, fleece blankets are a great addition to everyone’s beds on winter nights. Each of my kids has a flannel sheet, fleece blanket, and a blanket their nana knitted them. These have kept our kids super warm at night! 

Cover the windows: 

One of the draftiest areas in a home is around windows. Especially old windows like ours. Simply take a thick blanket and pin it up. It’s not the most attractive addition to a bedroom but it certainly keeps a room warmer. 

Space Heaters: 

And this was our third winter night game-changer. These little space heaters are workhorses and have warmed our house excellently. We honestly have no complaints

A couple of pros: 

  • On the high setting this heater uses 1500w and on low it uses 750w.
  • The average cost of electricity in America in December 2021 was about 10 cents an hour.
  • Running all 3 of our heaters on high at night costs us roughly $72 a month. As often as we can, we run it on low at 750w an hour meaning we actually spend lower than that high estimate.
  • A heater that runs at 1500w an hour can heat a small bedroom up to 150 feet
  • They have a toggle on the bottom that autimatically shuts the heater off if a child or something knocks it over or is touching it and it is not standing straight
  • They have been dropped (oops) and continued to keep working
  • This little heater on high makes our rooms blazing hot! 

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  1. Excellent tips to keep kids warm on winter nights! Sorry to hear about your unfavorable experience with your gas company.

  2. Thank you for sharing these tips! I 2nd the flannel sheets, socks on feet, and covering the windows! That has definitely helped us.

  3. SO true. My littles are still too young to bedshare, but the rest of these are spot on! We just put our new flannel sheets on the bed last night and we were so toasty 🙂

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