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DIY Entryway Closet (With Hidden Storage!)

DIY storage in closet. Shoes are no longer everywhere
DIY front room storage with secret storage

Are you tired of shoes being everywhere? Here is the best DIY entryway closet with hidden storage!

I was desperate- When my crew comes tromping into the house they kick their muddy shoes off all over the front room. Is my home the only one?!

4 kids + 2 adults = 6 pairs of shoes x at least 3 each (homestead boots, tennis shoes, and sandals for going out) = 18 pairs of shoes plus a few stragglers, not including constant guests! I was tired of shoes everywhere!

Shoes all over the front room

So. Many. Shoes.

I was tired of having shoes everywhere! After mulling over this idea for months, I decided to use the closet right next to the front door- but the question was? How do I optimize functional storage in it? Here’s what I did to our entryway closet!

Caution: I am a novice; I am sure many of you could do much better than I! This is just what worked for our family and the process I used!

List of a stay-at-home moms favorite tools:

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  • Impact Drill
    Guys, I’m sure theres better drills out there. But this little drill was given to me for mothers day a few years back and it literally is my right hand man. I use this for EVERYTHING. It is by far my favorite tool!
  • Drill Bits
    This is the set that I have, they work way better than any off brand I’ve tried. Full disclousure, it can be difficult to swap bits in the extension, but it still works great!
  • Measuring Tape
    I use this for everthing! Somehow I have accumulated a bunch of craftsman products. I’m actually not quite sure as I havent bought many of them! But they really do a great job. They are small enough that I can handle them but powerful enough to get the job done.

Step one:

I took out all of the stuff that was in the closet. We had shelves, shoes, water bottles, diapers, toys, and a whole myriad of things! Unfortunately, I forgot to take a picture before I officially started. The mess was real!

Empty closet before storage was built no more shoes everywhere

Step 2:

I knew I wanted shelving on top, coat hangers, hidden storage, and space for shoes. So I started by framing in the sides with the old wood we had in our barn. Not the best of stuff to work with; but hey! budget-friendly!

I knew I wanted our table leaves to fit in the sides as well as fold-up chairs. I used what space I had as well as those things for measurements.

Storage being built into the closet

Step 3:

Next, I measured my kitchen chairs and decided how tall I wanted the bench. From there, I installed a second shelf for smaller shoes and separated the back of the closet from the front so I could maximize the storage space behind the shoes. After lining the wall, I added shelves. (Note: this was also weathered wood from our barn. Some of them were super warped so I had to finagle a couple of them around.)

Adding shelves to the closet storage

Step 4:

Following the addition of the shelves, I constructed the panels that would become the doors for my hidden side storage. These panels were made with 1/2” plywood and 1×3 boards. With everything assembled, I painted all of it except the shelves with a white that I had on hand.

Panels for secret storage in closet

Step 5:

Then came the fun part! I decided to make the bench two-toned. After I picked out a gorgeous piece of wood from Lowes, I brought it home, cut it to size, and sanded it until it was baby-soft. I cut the bench top into two panels. The back of the bench is a panel that comes up to provide more storage; I wanted the bench to be a solid color so that it could sit flush and be hidden. I lightly stained them with dark walnut. By lightly, I mean that I used a rag with a little bit of stain and immediately wiped it off. I don’t often let my stain sit for a while because I prefer lighter wood tones. I drilled a hole in the back panel to use it to pull it up. After that, I sealed the bench with a Polycrylic I had on hand.

Unfinished bench

When everything was dry I took the front panel and secured it with screws coming up from the bottom.


Hidden back panel in closet storage

I finally finished! Here is how the side panel storage came out.

Hidden side panels in closet storage

The final product:

I loved how it turned out! We use it daily now for everyone coming in and out. Now, the table leaves are put away, water bottles are stored behind, and the shoes and jackets have a home!

DIY storage in closet. Shoes are no longer everywhere

Do you need more organizational ideas? Check out our bench closet storage for toys! Have you tried something similar to this? I would love to see it!

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