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9 Amazing Fall Ideas For Kids

9 Amazing Fall Ideas For Kids:

I have 4 kids all around the same age. These toddler years have been TOUGH! So, how do you keep 4 kids busy so that they are not getting into trouble? Here are 9 amazing Fall ideas for kids!

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Bob for apples!

This is such a fun but educational experience. Apples, a container, and water. 3 simple ingredients and it provides tons of fun! Bobbing for apples gives young kids the opportunity to be familiar with water on their faces in a fun environment and provides them with a snack afterward. If you do it outside, you have minimal clean-up! As a mama of 4 kids under 6-years-old, I feel like that’s a win!

The 2-year-old went first! He did GREAT!
All the water!
9 Amazing Fall Ideas For Kids
The perfect snack afterward.

Go to a pumpkin patch

I know this is already a thing, but it’s such a fun activity that it’s worth mentioning. We LOVE going to the pumpkin patch every year. We love the mazes, corn, animals, and of course, picking pumpkins. This leads me to the next one:

9 Amazing Fall Ideas For Kids

Pumpkin pie!

Did you think pumpkin pie was just for thanksgiving? Think again, friend! We love coming home from the pumpkin patch and then making a delicious pumpkin pie. Our favorite part? You better believe that it’s going to be for breakfast the next day! My oldest is dairy intolerant so here is our favorite dairy-free pumpkin pie recipe! Dairy-Free Pumpkin Pie

Hint: If you want to make your own puree, simply cut your pumpkin into large chunks and put them in your slow-cooker. Slow cook for 4-5 hours until the flesh is soft, scrape it from the rind, and then puree! For more detailed instructions visit Diet Hood and check out their Simple Slow Cooker Pumpkin Puree!

9 Amazing Fall Ideas For Kids

Also pro tip: premade crust! Typically I make our crust, but to be honest, this mama didn’t have the energy to make pie crust this time around. I went looking for a crust expecting to not find a dairy-free one. But I did! Here’s what I used! It worked like a charm!

Go on a nature walk and collect fall leaves

We live on 13 acres so we have lots of trees and wildlife at our disposal. But, if you do not, parks work just as well! Walk around a park and pick up fallen leaves, acorns, and whatever your child finds interesting. This is a great opportunity for fresh air, burning energy, and enjoying the weather before those bitter winter days. We come home and display them on our windowsill or use them for crafts like this one:

9 Amazing Fall Ideas For Kids

Make a fall canvas

Alright, moms, this is one of my favorite fall crafts! We made this one last year and I am loving having it on display this year. Check out how we made this canvas!

Easy DIY Thanksgiving Family Decoration!

Unique DIY Thanksgiving Decoration
Here’s the link to our thanksgiving canvas!

Crockpot apple cider

For some reason, this sings cold days to me. I remember as a child coming into the house from playing outside. My cheeks were bright red and stinging and my hands were aching from the cold. Apples and cinnamon engulfed you as you opened the door and there was a crockpot of cider hot and ready. So, here’s a great recipe from Dinner at the Zoo! Slow Cooker Apple Cider

Build a fort

There’s something fun about building a fort as a child. Either inside or outside! It’s a great indoor activity on those rainy fall days, however, it’s also a great activity outside on a cold fall day! As a child, we used to build forts and eat lunch inside. Additionally, on chilly outside days, having a fort up blocked the cold wind and we always had a cozy blast on the inside.

Go on a fall road trip

I don’t know if all families are like this, but we LOVE road trips. Sometimes we take a day to see all of the beautiful fall colors. We grab lunch somewhere, walk around, and get a Starbucks on the way home! This is literally my favorite way to spend the day. In fact, check out our 10 favorite car activities for road trips. They are so much fun!

10 Greatest Ways To Entertain Kids On Road Trips

Decorate a pumpkin

Genuinely, pumpkin carving is not my favorite thing. But, I don’t mind handing my children markers and having them collect fall leaves! This is a fun activity for any age because it doesn’t involve anything sharp. Grab some glue and fall decorations and let them go for it! Be sure to check out our blog post for all of your pumpkin decorating ideas!

4 Amazing Fall Pumpkin Ideas

4 Amazing Fall Pumpkin Ideas
I loved this little pumpkin! Check out how we did it here!

And that’s it, folks! Some of our family’s favorite fall activities. Also, be sure to try them and drop a comment below with your favorite fall activity

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