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5 Top Practical Christmas Gifts For Toddlers

5 Top Practical Christmas Gifts For Toddlers
5 Top Practical Christmas Gifts For Toddlers

5 top practical Christmas gifts for toddlers:

Christmas! Such a joyful but sometimes stressful event. One of the most notable moments, in particular, is the opening of gifts. So how do you stand out and not waste your money during gift-giving in the middle of massive amounts of toys? Practicality! Trust me, your mama friends will thank you!

In the midst of being a mama with littles I am so thankful when friends bless us with gifts that are useful and not just another toy that will eventually make its way to Goodwill. So, here is a list of 5 top practical Christmas gifts for toddlers that have blessed our family along the way.

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#1 of 5 Top Practical Chirstmas Gifts:

Bath Kits

Above all, this has always been one of my most useful. My kids loved playing in the bath and not only did they enjoy it, but it’s a great detox idea during flu season! I love to load my kid’s baths up with Epsom salt, lavender, and eucalyptus oil so that their immune system is recharged as they play! An additional perk, they smell delicious when they come out. What better way to help a mama with a baby during flu season than by gifting them with an all-natural entertaining bath kit! These few supplies make up a quality kit that provides nourishing skin cleansing as well as non-toxic entertainment for the baby. Check it out!

#2 of 5 Top Practical Chirstmas Gifts:

Hair Products

Okay not everyone has to deal with this but, my kids have TONS of hair. Specifically my girls. We are also in a unique situation because I’ve got one daughter with super long, curly, Filipino/American hair, and, I have one daughter with super thick, tight, Haitian hair. Because of this, we use ALL the hair products! Also, for our sweet bald friends, bows are a great addition as well! So, below is a list of our favorite brushes, oils, bands, and bows! You literally can never have too much of this stuff!

#3 of 5 Top Practical Chirstmas Gifts:


So, chances are, with a one-year-old, food is on every parent’s mind! Chances are also high that food Tupperware is constantly being misplaced. I remember when my oldest daughter turned one, my sister gifted me with a huge bag full of plates, spoons, sippy cups, Tupperware, and snacks. It was an invaluable gift to me in particular and I used it all for years!

#4 of 5 Top Practical Chirstmas Gifts:

Sensory Play

I am always looking for activities for my kids to do that will stimulate their minds as well as allow them to use their imagination. To be honest, I think playdough and kinetic sand are AMAZING once my kids are older. However, I don’t appreciate having to intercept my child’s hand from shoving play dough in their mouth. So, here are my favorite sensory play activities for toddlers that are OK to put in their mouths

#5 of our Top Practical Chirstmas Gifts:


Because literally books are my favorite thing! As my kids started getting older, they (really it was me) got bored with the baby books we had around. In particular, I craved quality material that told a story, was engaging and instilled Godly values in them. Because even at a young age, I believe children comprehend much and I wanted to challenge and encourage that comprehension. Here is a list of our favorite books that are captivating even when they are little!

Pro Wrapping Tip:

Also, grab a cute basket or bin from your local Walmart, Target, or thrift store and wrap it with these adorable basket wraps!

So there’s a list of my favorites! I especially hope you enjoyed my 5 top practical gifts for toddlers! If you want to create Christmas memories be sure to check out Destination Momhood’s blog post about that here! For more lasting Christmas gift ideas be sure to check out 10 Christmas Gifts That Will Really Last or our website at Grace This Place!

15 thoughts on “5 Top Practical Christmas Gifts For Toddlers”

  1. What a great guide to practical gift ideas for toddlers. All of these items are perfect for the little ones in our life and best part is they aren’t cheap junk but they will use most if not all of these every day.

    1. Yes! The older my kids get the more I value things that last and are everyday items that they appreciate. Just today my kids spent hours in the tub and I washed them up with Dr. Bronners! It bought me enough time to completely clean out my closet!

  2. I have 2 toddlers and these are all awesome ideas for gifts! I’ll definitely be implementing a few of these ideas and sharing this with others!

  3. This is super helpful, especially for those who don’t have children of their own and are shopping for little ones! Will definitely be referring back to this as holiday shopping continues, thank you for sharing!

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