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4 Amazing Fall Pumpkin Ideas

4 Amazing Fall Pumpkin Ideas:

Carving pumpkins has never really been my thing, but I LOVE to place pumpkins all over our house during the Fall. Here are the 4 amazing Fall pumpkin ideas!

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#1 The Button Pumpkin

4 Amazing Fall Pumpkin Ideas

Does every family have a button box or is it just me? I have had a button box for years and I don’t often use them. When I need to replace a button I end up going to the store to find an exact match! So, my poor buttons were going to waste; until I had an idea! A button pumpkin! This was a perfect idea for my 4-year-old. He’s not huge into trying to paint or color intricate details but he sure loves sticking stuff to things. I grabbed my button box and the hot glue gun and let him glue buttons to his little heart’s content. He decided he wanted a black stem so I wrapped it in hemp cord and he also added an “acorn hat” for good measure. Honestly, pictures don’t do this pumpkin justice!

#2 The dyed pumpkin 

4 Amazing Fall Pumpkin Ideas

This one was so easy! I knew what color I wanted so I mixed a couple of blues, greens, and blacks in a shallow bowl. Next, I  added water to it until it was a nice liquid, dye-like texture. My 3-year-old sat outside and rolled it over and over again in the paint until he was satisfied with his results. We placed it on wax paper to dry on our craft table and then came back to it the following day. Once it was dry, I placed a dab of hot glue on the back of his pumpkin and tied a soft hemp cord around it. After that, we added an acorn to the middle per his request. 

#3 The Polka Dot Pumpkin 

4 Amazing Fall Pumpkin Ideas

This pumpkin is so playful! My daughter took a round sponge brush and sponged large dots all over her pumpkin. She is only 6 so I helped her wash her brush out in between colors. We let that sit on wax paper to dry overnight as well. The next morning she took a sharpie to it and circled all of her dots in. Next, we tied a hemp cord around it and added a button for extra pizzazz! She did great on this one! 

#4 The Nature Pumpkin 

4 Amazing Fall Pumpkin Ideas

This one was a little trickier so it was perfect for my oldest daughter to work on! She collected dry leaves around the yard and a few acorns. We used hot glue and she carefully pressed the leaves onto the pumpkin. You have to press gently as to not crumble the leaves. It works great for us. Once that was down we tied a hemp cord around it as well and secured it with an acorn in the middle. She also decided to put an acorn hat on the top of her stem. It’s super cute!  

I love how they all turned out! They are all happily sitting on my mantle until I decide to decorate for winter as late as possible. It’s just how I roll!

Here’s a list of some of our crafting items. I use the hemp cords for EVERYTHING! The rest of your decorations you’ll find in your backyard! Happy Decorating!

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