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30 Ways To Announce Pregnancy To Family In Person

Ways To Announce Pregnancy To Family In Person

Ways To Announce Your Pregnancy To Family In Person

You’re pregnant! Congrats, mama! How exciting! Sometimes the excitement to share with friends and family is met with a little bit of apprehension too. That’s okay! Pregnancy is such a precious time of celebration and sweet moments. Here are 30 ways to announce your pregnancy to your family in person! 

  • Pregnancy Gift Box 
  • Printed T-shirts 
  • Nursery Reveal
  • Dinner 
  • Coffee Mugs
  • Baked Goodies 
  • Baby Onesie
  • Family Game
  • Baby Moccasins
  • Pregnancy Puzzle 
  • Sibling T-shirts
  • Family Pictures
  • Letterboard
  • Embroidered Ultrasound
  • Fishing Lure
  • Family Pet Announcement 
  • Take A Picture
  • Eviction Eotice
  • Treasure hunt 
  • Due Date Calendar
  • Custom Ornament 
  • Framed Ultrasound
  • Guitar Pick 
  • Golfing Buddy
  • Play A Game Of Hangman
  • Riddle
  • Mom And Dad Hats
  • Fruit 
  • Special Item
  • Baby Balloons

When Should You Announce Your Pregnancy To Family? 

So, you might be asking “when do I announce my pregnancy to my family?” There’s no real answer, some people wait a few days, a few weeks, or even a few months. I’ve done a variation of all 3! What is most important is waiting until you and your husband are ready. 

How Do You Know You’re Ready To Announce Your Pregnancy?

With my first daughter, we waited a few months. We had a lot going on and my husband and I wanted to celebrate and dream together for a little bit before we invited the outside world into our little world. With my second, we announced our pregnancy to the family pretty quickly. We knew we were having a family gathering and seized the opportunity to share with both sides of our family at the same time. Here are a few ways to determine if you are ready: 

  • You are excited and ready to share with the world 
  • You are ready to hear other opinions (unfortunately, there can be many. Both good and bad!)
  • Your husband and you are in agreement and are ready to share your excitement! 
pregnancy announcement photo

Who To Announce Your Pregnancy To:

This is such a special time and, unfortunately, it can be easy to hurt feelings. Having a strategy of how you share can help prepare you to avoid hurt feelings. It’s often best to share with close family members and friends first. For example, parents and siblings on both sides of the family, close friends, extended family, and then the general population. It can be hurtful to a close friend or family member to find out on social media. So just be aware of that as you share your exhilarating news!

Ways To Announce Your Pregnancy To Family:

Pregnancy Gift Box: 

Create a gift box for your parents or a sibling. You can add things like a book that they can read to the new addition, a little toy, a picture of your ultrasound framed, and a card from baby saying something like this: 

Hi grandma!
I can’t wait to read and play with you later!
Your grandbaby 

If you’re not up to making your own right now, here’s an option!

Printed T-shirts: 

This is such a fun way! This announcement starts with you and your husband wearing t-shirts that announce your pregnancy when you visit your friends and family. Watch who notices and picks up on what your shirt is saying! There are so many adorable announcement shirts. Here are a few of our favorites!

Nursery Reveal: 

Do you have plans to make a nursery? Finish your nursery and invite your friends and family over! Allow them to see the project you’ve been working on! 


Dinner is a time of gathering and conversation. Make an announcement right before or during dinner to let your friends and family in on the secret! 

Ways To Announce Pregnancy To Family In Person

Coffee Mugs: 

Do you get to visit with friends ad family often? Make them some coffee in their own special mug to announce your pregnancy or gift them their new coffee mugs!

Baked goodies: 

Drop off baked goods at friends and family’s houses with messages on them! Cookies that say “we’re pregnant!” Or a cake that says “Congrats grandma and grandpa!”

Baby Onesie: 

Baby onesies are the cutest. Purchase a baby onesie with a message on it for everyone to see! 

Family Game

There are so many fun games that you can announce your pregnancy with! You could play scrabble and do lots of baby words, you could do charades and act out different baby-related things, or you could play life and announce when you start adding kids to your “family” car! 

Ways To Announce Pregnancy To Family In Person

Baby Moccasins: 

This is one of my favorites. Baby moccasins are so tiny and precious. Buy some baby moccasins and gift them to be unwrapped or take a photo with them. You can place the image in a card for your family! If you also want this to be a gender reveal, you can buy baby booties in the color that reveals the gender! This can also double as a picture that you can send to your family that is far away! These little moccasins come in tons of different colors!

Pregnancy Announcement Puzzle:

Does your family love puzzles? Buy an announcement puzzle and have your friends and family put it together! 

Sibling T-shirts: 

If you already have kids, this is a sweet way to visit friends and family. Put your kids in t-shirts announcing the pregnancy when you drop by for a visit. 

Family Pictures: 

Every year we take family pictures and send cards out. We also often frame some of them for our parents! Take some family pictures and gift your friends and family framed pictures for their home. Include a special one announcing your pregnancy! 

Letter Board: 

 I love these boards. They can be used for everything! Create a cute custom message that is special to your family. Get creative! The options with this are endless. 

Embroidered Ultrasound: 

This is such a sweet way to encapsulate your ultrasound forever. DIY your own embroidered ultrasound or custom order it by KalistoDesign on Etsy! Here’s a link to their account! Embroidered ultrasound

Fishing Lure 

This fishing lure is the perfect gift for the special fisherman in your family. They will be super excited for a new fishing buddy!

Family Pet Announcement: 

Do you have a favorite family pet? A dog, cat, goat, or even a horse? We have goats! They are adorable. Get a custom piece of clothing for your favorite pet and let them do the announcing! 

Take A Picture: 

Gather everyone around to take a group photo. Begin the count down and instead of saying, “say cheese!” Say, “We’re pregnant!” Make sure to be taking a video or photos to capture everyone’s excitement! 

Eviction Notice

This clever sign is a fun way to share the big news! Create a unique “eviction” sign and take a picture with your youngest child! 

Treasure Hunt

I have a super big family! There are 11 kids on my side and 5 kids on my husband’s side! This is a fun way to get a huge group of people involved in figuring out a surprise. Simply come up with clues around the house and end by revealing the big surprise! Pinterest has some great printables and websites like THE POSTPARTUM PARTY have great free printables!

Due Date Calendar

Nausea overtook me with my first pregnancy. I couldn’t handle life, much less a complicated baby announcement. This sweet calendar idea is the epitome of simplicity and gets your point right across. You can download a free printable and simply add when your due date is! World of Printables has some gorgeous calendars to print!

Custom Ornament 

If Christmas is around the corner this is a great idea! Gift your friends and family with adorable custom ornaments announcing when the baby is due! 

Framed Ultrasound: 

Those first ultrasound images of your baby are priceless! Gift your family a framed picture of the newest little addition! It will be a keepsake that is loved for years to come.

Guitar Pick 

This announcement is the perfect gift for any musician! 

Golfing Buddy

Golfing is a huge love for many families. check out this special golf ball marker and onesie to share the big news!

Play A Game Of Hangman!

This is such a fun one! Gather your friends and family around to play a competitive game of hangman! You can use something cute like, “bun in the oven.” Or, “Baby Jones Due March 2022!” 


Share a riddle with your friends and family to see who gets it! You can get some great ideas from like this fun one!

“We’ve waited a while

To share our lovely news 

It looks like we’ll be shopping

For some tiny little shoes!”

Mom And Dad Hats: 

These mom and dad hats are the cutest thing in the world! You can get these adorable hats on Amazon in tons of different colors.


This announcement can be super creative! You will need to refer back to a baby size chart and see what fruit will be similar in size to your baby at the time of announcement.  If you decide to announce at 8 weeks you can use raspberry to have a raspberry vinaigrette salad, raspberry lemonade to sip on with dinner, and a raspberry cobbler for dessert!

Special Item:

This idea is super versatile. You can take any item special to you and add a fun little quote. Is there a hobby that your family loves? If you love camping you can add an extra sleeping back and write “new camping buddy due in August!” or, If you love the beach you can add a quote on a sunhat! Here are a few ideas: shoes, jackets, cups, hiking items, and musical instruments.

Baby Balloons

I honestly think balloons are something close to fairies. For some reason, balloons can transform any space or event and make it magical! Check out these sweet baby balloons to announce your pregnancy!

The most important tip about announcing your pregnancy to family: 

Make sure to have fun! Don’t feel pressure to do something big and grand or reserved and small. Make sure that however you announce is true to you and your family and is a sweet memory to treasure in the future. It can be as little as a quiet conversation with your bestie or as huge as building a nursery to have a grand reveal.

Extra Tip:

One of the common side effects of pregnancy is nausea. Just take your pregnancy day by day. If you have other kids and need some ideas on how to keep this busy while you navigate the first trimester be sure to check out our blog post on How To Keep Your Kids Entertained When You Are Busy (or pregnant!)

For a list of what new mama’s need after labor, you can check out: Things New Moms Need For Themselves

For a pregnancy to-do list be sure to check out Motivation For Moms 20 Important Things To Add To Your Pregnancy To-Do List!

Congrats, mama! Have a blast sharing with the world! 

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  1. I love these ideas! We kept it simple with phone calls to parents, but a group announcement like these is a great way to avoid hurt feelings about who was told first.

  2. Holy moly that’s a lot of ideas!! I wish I would’ve seen this sooner for our baby girl haha. Next one though!! I know exactly where to look to help us plan it out.

  3. Beautiful post! These are such cute ideas, my sisters expecting and she’s wondering how to break it to the family so she’ll definitely find this helpful. Thank you for sharing!

  4. I didn’t know there were so many ways to announce a pregnancy! This is such a great compilation of ideas, any new mom is sure to find something that will work for them. Thank you!

  5. I love your suggestions on how to annouce pregnancy to family in person. So many wonderful, creative ways! Do you have a favorite one? I guess mine would be family pictures and family game.

  6. Lots of fun ways of announce a pregnancy! When we announced out pregnancy many years ago we went with the point blank way of straight up telling people directly, but it’s nice to see these different creative ways to do it.

  7. So many fun ways to announce that you’re expecting! Our son and daughter-in-law used the onesie idea. Thanks for sharing the creative ideas.

  8. So many great ways to make the most important announcement in a young family! I remember telling my partner over the phone as soon as I saw the two lines because I was too excited to hold it until he came home from work. He was not very impressed with my choice! But for the rest of the family, we waited about 5 months, because I had hyperemesis and we need to see if it settled at some point.

    1. How funny! My husband and I always found out together- in fact, I always made him check first! Aw, thankful you had a healthy baby!

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