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10 Christmas Gifts For Kids That Will Really Last

10 Christmas Gifts For Kids That Will Really Last
10 Christmas Gifts For Kids That Will Really Last

Christmas is such a fun time of year and I love everything winter! So, I’ve compiled 10 Christmas gifts for kids that will last. Firstly, my husband and I try to be intentional with every aspect of our parenting. For example, one of the concepts we landed on was being intentional in our gift-giving towards our children. Christmas in particular! For instance: we find value in gifts that are long-lasting, create an environment for imagination, and promote togetherness in our kids and our family. That’s why I created a list of our top 10 Christmas gifts for kids!

Our Gift Giving Traditions:

Because of this: we often buy one “large” gift for the kids to share or “individual” gifts that they can experience more fun sharing with siblings. Keep in mind friends, I’m a researcher and a penny pincher. I 100% want to get as much for my money as I can. So I have happily done the research and my kids have played with these toys for years so I know they last! Here is a list of 10 Christmas gifts that will really last:

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10 Christmas Gifts That Will Really Last:

Wooden Trains:

This has been a blast for our kids. This was our gift last year to them and it has provided so many days and hours of fun as they learned to build tracks and loop them up and down the hallways and all through the house. Side note: It looks like they don’t sell the brand and version that we bought any more but Melissa & Doug have something very similar. Keep in mind, I try to avoid massive amounts of tiny pieces. When I looked originally, I intentionally bought a set with the majority of bridges rather than little stop signs. Melissa & Doug seem to follow that pattern more on this train set. However, I also bought extra trains and wooden pieces so that all 4 kids would have plenty to play with together and these are the exact ones that we use and have lasted well.

Ikea kitchen:

I am pretty minimalistic in my approach to life and as a result, I don’t prefer toys that gather a ton of clutter and are super busy in color and theme. Also, I want my kids to be able to play in a calming environment and have an imagination! Because of that, this Ikea kitchen has been one of our favorites! 4 years in, and it is still played with almost daily. Furthermore, I’ve had kids draw on it and it wipes right off, I’ve had stickers put on it and they peel right off, AND I’ve never had to put more batteries in the stovetop! Even after 4 years of strenuous use!

(Also, it was super simple to assemble and I didn’t put the little gray legs on. My daughter was 2 at the time and wasn’t tall enough and that’s how we’ve kept it ever since. It’s the perfect height for our family!)


I know – pretty common household thing. But what I have loved is buying a whole kit of fresh play-dough and buying a set of tons of different tools! My kids love rolling it out so my priority was having enough rolling pins. I bought these two sets for that purpose. The fun thing with this is back when our tiny kitchen was in our big kitchen, my kids would play play-dough and “bake” cakes in their little oven. Because the Ikea kitchen is super easy to clean I would just wipe it down afterward. It was perfect!

Wooden food:

We’ve used several different kinds of play food and I have loved the Melissa & Doug sets in particular. They are wooden, last long, and the Velcro allows kids to pretend like they are chopping veggies, cracking an egg, or making a pizza. We have thoroughly enjoyed our sets and they have lasted well! Here are a few of our favorites:


Y’all – I don’t know why I didn’t get these sooner. My kids LOVE these! They will spend a whole afternoon building castles and cars. They are AMAZING for dexterity skills and critical thinking.

Board games:

Sneaky Squirrel is particularly one of our favorites. We have so much fun snatching acorns from each other! Additionally, some of our other favorites are Bible Go Fish and Uno Flip. (I couldn’t find the go fish cards we have, so these were the closest I could find!)


My boys LOVE playing with Duplos. They build so many cars and houses out of them! As a result, I often find my 4-year-old quietly playing in a corner building something fantastic. He loves to show me his creations.

Wooden dolls:

My kids have a quiet time every day and they especially love playing with these dolls and changing their outfits. Our dolls have lasted several years and are great for all circumstances. For instance, we take them in the car, to church, to meetings, on trips, and anywhere! It’s easy to keep track of the pieces because they are magnetic! My girls particularly love that they can be a doctor, an astronaut, or a princess.


I’m a pretty handy person most of the time and I genuinely enjoy working with wood and creating stuff. I love that my kids can become familiar with tools when they are little; not only by watching me but also by playing with their own. Currently, we have the wooden one and the Vtech one listed. My kids love them both! As they get older we will get them their very own toolset similar to this Craftsman! Also, I pretty much have wound up with all Craftsman tools- so I think it would be adorable that they match me.


Books are so important to us. We have so many favorites! Because of this, we have a heart to keep around books that contribute to our kid’s walk with the Lord and for them to see examples of courage and tenacity. We love reading chapter books together and also have a handful of favorite short kid’s books! I can’t stress enough how much we love these books! Also, PSA, When God Made You is an amazing book in general. It is also a phenomenal resource for interracial adoption.

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    1. Thank you! That has been a favorite in my house for close to 5 years at this point! My kids still make me pizzas to eat weekly. So fun!

  1. I love to idea of buying Christmas gifts for kids that will last a long time. I remember playing with wooden trains and toys when I was younger and they were great fun. Books are always a great gift choice.

    1. I just love that! They are such a valuable thing to have around! Just today my boys were building a castle with them. I love toys that last forever and spark the imagination!

  2. This is an awesome list, wooden trains are definitely that gift! They last for a long time which equals great value for money spent, haha thanks for sharing.

    1. Truth! We’re coming up on a year of having them and my kids take them out at least 4 times a week, if not more! They are definitely loved in our home!

  3. Oh, these are all great suggestions! I always struggle finding the perfect gift to give. This article will save me a lot of time xx thank you for putting this together!

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